Because we love Trondheim

Bartstua is a company built by committed students who love to learn. We believe that sauna lubricates the soul. We believe that collaboration trumps individual achievements. We believe that we can create sauna enthusiasts in one of Norway's largest cities. Because we love Trondheim.

Bilde fra byggingen av Bartstuas første badstu i Trondheim

As an employee at Bartstua, you do everything you can to establish the city's coolest sauna offer, despite the fact that it sometimes comes with a price. 

Do you want to be part of Trondheim's most inclusive sauna company? Send us an application and you will hear from us shortly!

The team

Alexander fra Bartstua

Oak cream


Alexander Eikrem studies International Business at CBS and has a burning passion for good business models.


Dream for Bartstua: To make sauna available to everyone in Trondheim.

Andreas Buer


Andreas Buer Vase studies Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU and has a burning passion for autonomous systems and simple customer journeys.

Dream for Bartstua: To make the most available sauna service in Norway using autonomous systems.



Anders Lundberg studies Electronic System Design and Innovation at NTNU and has a burning passion for technology in interaction with humans. 

Dream for Bartstua: Establish a sauna that provides a break from the technological everyday life.

Vegard fra Bartstua



Vegard Strand studies Media Studies at NTNU and has a burning passion for photography and film. 


Dream for Bartstua: Create Trondheim's coolest sauna concept, both on and behind the screen.

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