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Love can be given in many ways

Buy a gift card for sauna and swimming

A sauna is something that everyone should indulge in. The combination of ice-cold water and blazing hot sauna makes you both the toughest in the group of friends and the most relaxed in the family. 

Give a unique sauna experience to someone you love and ensure that the winter months become a little less cold.

 Give away a gift voucher for renting the entire sauna

  2 years validity on all gift cards

Send the gift card by email or print it yourself. You can also choose when you want the gift card to be sent by email to the recipient 

Details about the order

When you buy a gift card, you can choose whether you want to send the gift card to yourself or a friend. It is also possible to send the gift card at a predetermined time. If you want to print out the gift card and give it physically, you can do this by sending the gift card to your own email address, or by choosing the "print" option after you have pressed buy. 

Use of gift cards

To redeem the gift card, the gift card code is used before payment, in the normal booking system on the booking page. Here you can also check how much money is on the gift card and when it expires. 

Do you have other questions about gift cards?

Send us an email at Gift cards are not refundable.

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