Some call it renovation. We call it reincarnation.

Bunker Sauna

After working for a whole summer, we have restored a sauna that has been unused in Trondheim for far too long. The Bunker is our newest sauna project and something we are proud to have achieved.

Briefly about Bunker Sauna

Opening hours

The bunker is open from 07.00-21.00 every day, all week.

What we offer

Bunker Sauna is a trust-based and unmanned sauna where the entire sauna is available for hire throughout the week.


The bunker offers the city's lowest price and costs 1099 for the whole sauna and has space for a total of 10 people.

Central and available location

The bunker is located on √ėstmarkneset right by the Ladestien. The sauna has the following facilities:

  • Toilets nearby (except winter season)
  • Outdoor shower (except winter season)
  • Bathing area (be careful on the shore)
  • Parking in the immediate area

How we built it

After having an inspection of the Bunker Sauna with a professor at NTNU Pasi Alto, we realized that there was a lot that had to be done to get the sauna in the bunker operational. Two weeks turned into a whole summer, and among the things we did was a new sauna stove, insulation in all walls, a new roof with a vapor barrier and a reflector behind the stove, one of the funnest things. A real sauna project in our eyes!

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