Some call it renovation. We call it reincarnation.

Bunker Sauna

After working a whole summer renovating an old and destroyed sauna inside a german bunker in Trondheim, we are now proud to anonce Bunker Sauna - the first public sauna in Trondheim. Bunker Sauna is available for booking seven days a week, all year around.

Bunker Sauna summarized

Opening hours

Bunker Sauna is open from 08.00-20.00 every day, all week.

What we offer

Bunker Sauna is a trust-based and self service sauna where rentals are offered every day and where drop-in is offered on Saturdays.


Bunker Sauna offers the city's lowest prices. 899 kr for the entire sauna and 199 kr for drop-in.

Central and available location

Bunker Sauna is located on Østmarkneset right by Ladestien. The sauna has the following facilities:

  • Toilets nearby (except winter season)
  • Outdoor shower (except winter season)
  • Bathing possibilities (beware of the shallow water)
  • Parking nearby

How we built it

After having an inspection of Bunker Sauna with professor at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Pasi Alto, we realized that there was a lot to be done to make the sauna in the bunker operational. Two weeks turned into a whole summer, and among the things we did was implementing a new sauna stove, building insulation in all walls, a new roof with a vapor barrier and a reflector behind the stove. A real hard core sauna project in our eyes!

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