Bilde av teamet til Bartstua våren 2021

The beginning

At the 3th of May 2021 we are being portrayed by the newspaper "Adressa", about our vision. The plan was to build the city's first floating sauna and people where giving us incredible feedback. The only problem was: we did not have any location for the floating sauna. This gave us an incentive to look for new opportunities, and Bunker Sauna on Østmarkneset was discovered by a coincidence at Ladestien.

Bunker Sauna - a dilapidated sauna

For us, it was impossible to understand. How could an already existing sauna be left unused in one of Trondheim's finest areas? We had to get to the bottom of how it all hung together.

After calling half the population in Trondheim, we finally got the explanation. Bunker Sauna was built in 2015 by NTNU LiveStudio, an architect group from NTNU in Trondheim. After being built, the sauna was left unused due to, among other things, a damaged sauna heater and poor maintenance. We wanted to do something about this. 

The building process with the goal in sight

In the summer of 2021, we started rebuilding the sauna and were fully committed to give the sauna new life. New walls were being installed to cover the cool concrete walls. Insulation was placed in the ceiling and in the walls to keep the heat from escaping.

Extra benches were being placed in the sauna to expand the capacity. Plexiglas windows were cut out and placed in front of the old opening from the days of the war. Signs are painted and hung up to show that the sauna finally can be used again.

Åpning av Bunkern Badstu - Trondheims første offentlige badstu


Once again are we portrayed in "Adressa", but this time with a fully operating business, not only some good ideas. Bunker Sauna is Bartstua's first sauna and is the first chapter on the road to creating a sauna bonanza in Trondheim. 

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